Wen: Scout/Herald/Messenger/gopher girl/johnny-on-the-spot


Characteristics: Int +1, Per +1, Com +1, Pre +0, Str -1, Sta +2, Dex +1, Quik +1
Size: -1
Chronology: Born in 1204 to clan Daffyd-Catrin; migrates to Bibracte with family in 1220 at age 16; begins life of high adventure; hooks up with Roberto's crew and falls in love with Allen; current year 1234 and age 30
Age: 30
Season & Year: Spring 1234
Decrepitude: 0
Warping: 0 (0)
Ferocity: 1 (3)
Personality Traits: Reckless +3, Brave +2, Loyal +2, Loves Puzzles +2, Kind +2, Laughs Easily +1
Reputations: Plucky 2 (local)


+1 Enduring Constitution, +1 Ferocity (survival), +1 Keen Vision, +1 True Love PC (Allen)*


-1 Close Family Ties, -1 Reckless, -1 Small Frame, -1 Compassionate*


Soak: +
Fatigue: OK, 0, -1, -3, -5, ko
Wounds: -1 Lt (1-5), -3 Med (6-10), -5 Hvy (11-15), Incap (16-20), Dead (21+)


Welsh 5 (old riddles), Wales Lore 3 (old riddles); Animal Handling 3 (sheep), Awareness 3 (looking for stuff), Athletics 1 (climb), Bibracte Lore 4 (regio), Brawl 3 (dodge), Carouse 1 (stay sober), Chirurgy 3 (bind wounds), Craft-Woodworking 4 (carding), Folk Ken 2 (rural folk), French-Langue D'Oc 4 (riddles), Guile 2 (lying to authority), Hunt 2 (track), Music 2 (singing), Profession-Housewife 3 (cooking), Profession-Soldier 1 (scout), Stealth 2 (natural environments), Survival 5 (mountains), Teaching 3 (children),


Encumbrance: 0

Enchanted Items & Benefits

Pinchas' Amulet: Non-Hermetic Item (30qp)
ReVi25 Protection from Infernal: Constant +21 protection while amulet is worn


Wen is the daughter of the Clan of Daffyd and Catrin, and grew up as a small tough girl with a love for danger and adventure.

She had migrated to Mons Electi with her parents when she was a teenager and blossomed young maiden.
However, none of that girly stuff was her style, she knew how to cook and clean and work, that was no bother. But acting docile and dainty was *not* gonna happen. She was a rugged exploring type, and spent her first few years exploring the mountains and regio of the ruins of Bibracte.

As she matured, even as a young woman she retained the character of a spunky girl. She did want to be a wife one day, but not a slave or servant. And she never found the right guy, or rather, never spared the time to do so.

Then came the day that she and her brother were selected by Roberto for the Alabaster Lioness Expedition, and she was as excited as could be. In that episode, Johan gets pulled under the sea for his own side adventure, and he blames it all on Wen. But she pays him no mind, for it is not her fault he is cursed, she only half believes his curse anyway, and on top of that his side adventure gave him magical power so he can stop whining like a child and deal with it. But still, to this day Roberto has her ride his flying carpet as a recon scout and herald.
But that aside, in the Alabaster Lioness Expedition, the party was split and she was stranded in Cairo with Allen and Albert for a few months, all the while her brother and another grog were trapped in jail.

During that intermittent time, she and Allen took jobs in the foreign quarter working at a tavern. She was a cook and serving wench, he was a barkeep and bouncer. They fell in love, shared a bed, and declared themselves wed.

After the team was extracted and all issues resolved, she returned home with Allen to face her family. They did not approve of her wanton unmarried marriage, nor that she was now so closely associated with the reckless crew Roberto commanded. So when Roberto decided to relocate his entourage to Ibiza, she declared her allegiance and devotion to Allen as her husband, like it or not, and went with them.

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