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Wirth grogs, Richard and Barbara



Born in the south of France, Jean was a quiet and withdrawn boy, seeming always lost in his thoughts. At a loss with him, his parents left him alone. What could they do with this strange child?

However, because of his strangeness, the other boys picked on him soon enough, especially as his gift manifested itself early.

So, he learned to fistfight at a very young age, woving, as the kind of impossible vows child sometimes do, to one day become powerful enough so that no one could threaten him.

As he grew older, he became somewhat biter and more and more brooding. And when he discovered that he had the power to change his appearance to that of any other boy and girl, he used this to work mischief and avenge himself from his tormentors.

However, this could not keep on forever, and soon, the frightened villagers caught on, and decided to burn the "devil child".


It was while he was at the stake that a miracle occured: Monted on a white steed, clad in the finest armor, a man in his mid-fifties seemed to appear from nowhere. He gestured, and the flames that had begun to creep toward Jean's feet died. He gestured again, and the place was shrouded in shadows, all light diminished. Then, he came close to the boy, cut his bounds with a gleaming sword, and took the astonished boy with him, while the frightened villagers cried that the devil had came to take back his child.

The man, as Jean discovered soon after, was in fact Hugues, a magus from the lineage of Apromor. In search of a potential apprentice, he had heard of the boy. While he didn't intended to claim him in such a brutal manner, he had no qualms about his acts.

Of course, things didn't go miraculously well after that. Jean was rebellious, acustomed to be left to his own devices, and, when he discovered that the Opening of the Arts had destroyed his ability, he became even more difficult to live with.

Meeting Clara

That's when another miracle occured. A new family came to live in the covenant, and, with them, their daughter, Clara, a beautiful and quiet young maiden. With her, Jean discovered trust, and, more importantly, peace of heart. She was the best and only friend he ever had. Moreso, she was curious, intelligent, and she opened the same spark in jean, the spark that was buried long ago in anger.

Seeing this, Hugues encouraged their relationship somewhat, even letting clara in his lab so long as she stayed quiet, letting her visits be a recompense for good behaviour and study. Making quick progress, jean found in himself a thirst for knowledge: That was the way!!! With magic, he could have power unbound, power enough that no one could ever threaten or restrain him, nor his newfound friend.

As the years passed, and the feelings between the youth prospered, the quieting influence of clara allowed Hugues to teach him the value of honor, courage and battle, even though the youth retained a mean streak.

Of course, even then, Jean couldn't perform as expected… When his master wanted him to explore his gift with Perdo (for he had a great affinity with this art), Jean also studied muto, and, more importantly, mentem. And while he managed to learn some of his Hugues recommanded spells, Jean also studied based on his whims, under his amused master's gaze, curious to see where the boy's curiosity and tastes would lead him.

Near the end of his apprenticeship, he even managed to somewhat dump the spell library altogether to develop his own shapeshift spell, in order to emulate the abilities he had lost. Hugues proved very happy with the result, even learning the spell himself, as it allowed him to travel incognito.

Soon thereafter, Jean was gauntleted, leaving behind his old identity by taking the name Wirth. His next act was to ask clara to become his wife.

As per Hugues, despite the difficult years before, despite their differences too, the two parted in peace, and remain in good terms as of today.

1st Cycle: A New Hope (Novus Mane Cycle)

1220 to 1226
Time with Roberto.
Birth of Edward in 1224

2nd Cycle: Independance Day (Untold Tales of Novus Mane)

1226 to 1230
In exchange for their support in the formation of the Lotharingian Tribunal and a hefty grant of Vis, Novus Mane gains its independance from Florum.

These are both times of hope, and times of conflict, as the ennemies of Florum strike at the newly-independant covenant. With the support and help from Florum, Novus Mane weathers the storm, though.
1227 also see the birth of Sophie, the daughter of Wirth and Clara.

Sadly, the proposition to form a new tribunal fails. In the aftermath, Florum withdraw its support, as the pro-Lotharingian faction find itself isolated, and reeling against the assaults of its ennemies.

3rd Cycle: The Tribunal Strikes Back (The End of Novus Mane)

1230 to 1235
Now a father of 2, fearing his family may become either a target or collateral damage, Wirth and Clara decide to relocate to another tribunal. After several letters and conversations, the family asks for, and receives, membership in the covenant of ######## in the Provencal Tribunal.

Seeing the limits of his powers in facing other magi, or their supernatural servants, Wirth decides to shift slightly his focus towards the School of Ramius.
Using vis amassed over the previous decades, he commissions exceptional equipment from House Mercere. He also tracks down Cassandra Karnak, a deadly criamon from the path of strife, who initiates him to her special fighting techniques, at the cost of his ability to ever use a weapon.


Although his hair is starting to grey, Wirth remains a fine-looking man in good shape, his striking green eyes alternating between care and love for his wife and family, menace and threat for his ennemies.
His spell sigil is glowing, changing arcane symbols, a feeling of warmth.
His voting sigil follows this, being a signature seal with arcane looks.

Most of the time, he dresses in fine, but plain and comfortable clothes. He isn't interested in showing of or luxury, just in being at ease when wandering the covenant, working in his lab, or playing with his children. This is the look his family and covenant know him best.

When he expects trouble, though, he becomes an utterly different man, dressing in very expensive clothes and armor fashionned especially to enhance his abilities at stealth, intimidation and battle: His armor is tougher than it should be, his small shield, while very light, is sturdy enough to parry almost any blow, his spike-reinforced cestus strike like thunder, and his black cape whirls around himself in shadows. His cape also supports his shapechanging magics, incorporating bits of tanned wolf skin and a raven's claw in order to serve as a focus for Muto Corpus spells.

Finally, he took a page from the Jerbiton's cookbook while living in normandy: When he seeing mundane in an official fashion, he dresses the part of the magus, complete with robe, arcane embroidery and staff, even shaving clean, all in order to convey the idea that he's some arcane scholar and not a trained warrior.

Wirth in normal clothes Wirth, armored Wirth as a scholar Wirth as a bareheaded scholar
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